la vigne hakubaThe beauty of Hakuba in your hands

The mountains of the Japanese Northern Alp
Happoike Pond
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WORLD CLASS HAKUBAThe beauty of Hakuba in your hands

Quality powder snow continues to charm skiers who visit Hakuba.
Having evolved into one of the world’s leading snow resorts, here visitors can enjoy the changing views of the mountains throughout the four seasons as well as a variety of enticing activities.
A world-class hotel condominium is finally born, where you will be welcomed into a space filled with luxury and be fulfilled by the magnificent mountain scenery.

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Gathering together are travelers from afar.
Experience a time intoxicated by the local atmosphere along with artisanal Japanese wines in a place where the beauty of the majestic alpine landscape awaits.

la vigne hakuba by Onkochishin

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    Hakuba Scape

    All rooms with mountain views
    Rooms overlooking the alpine nature

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    International Comfort

    Comfort and design with international values

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    Craft Wine

    Wine collection with a focus on artisanal Japanese wines